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Exquisitely designed and highly refined furniture, made to blur the line between indoor and outdoors. Created, crafted and carried exclusively by Bosquet.


We unite up with inspiring and innovative designers, artists, and creators, to bring you unique and artful creations, outstanding in style and execution.

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Genius Design and Masterful Craft Unite



Occasional Sofa 

Les Ensembliers Collection


Corner Sofa


Single Sofa


Table 72"


Table 66"





About Bosquet

The Many Branches of a Bustling Brand

Bosquet is in and around your home with bold and luxurious furniture that blur the line between indoors and outdoors, Bosquet is redefining elegance and setting new standards in quality. Home Living at its very best.

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Piecing together the perfect outdoor urban haven.

Bosquet x Les Ensembliers 

Bosquet is pleased to announce the international and exclusive collaboration with Exocet TM designed by Stéphane Leathead.

Bosquet x Exocet 

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