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Simple needs often spawn great inventions. The Exocet was born from a simple wish: a chair that could literally take many shapes.



A Fitting Union

Unsatisfied with chairs whose “multifunctional” features were limited to the incline of their backrest, designer and creator Stéphane Leathead set out to shake this tepid convention. After years of success in the field of branding and graphic design, Leathead dedicated the next months to conjure a practical object that would fulfill his wishes, while sporting a look as unconventional as its creator.

The Exocet chair and its complement, the Nyctale table, have bolstered the designer’s already impressive track record. Uncompromising with quality, Stéphane Leathead has turned away several offers before partnering with Bosquet to make this furniture available to a larger audience.

Stéphane Leathead has been praised and prized for his creative genius, receiving numerous awards in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Bosquet’s reputation is built on its craftsmanship, passion woodworking and years of experience.

When you bring together a creator and maker who share the same desire for perfection, the result can only be an exceptional object made by equally exceptional craftspeople.

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