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Our Collaborations

We unite with visionary creators and artists who inspire us, resulting in truly unique works of art, remarkable in both style and execution.

Les Ensembliers x Bosquet

Inspired by the coolness and experimental vibe felt in California in the 1960s and the pure lavishness of yacht life, this collection brings a balance of sleek, minimalistic luxury and lounge comfort, all wrapped up in a dream of taking a trip along the coast of Corsica, right in the middle of the Mediterranean. 

Introducing a premium outdoor furniture collection created by Les Ensembliers, an internationally recognized and award-winning design and architectural firm, and Bosquet, a creator of high-end architectural pieces, that pieces together the perfect outdoor urban haven. 

"I love pure and unadorned spaces that leave room for the view in a large garden, a terrace, or even on the coast. I love sleek and voluminous furniture that inspires true relaxation."


Richard Ouellette
Les Ensembliers

Exocet x Bosquet

Organic, innovative, distinguished. The Exocet is much more than just a simple chair. Created by Stéphane Leathead and manufactured exclusively by Bosquet.

Its twin facing seats smoothly pivot on a central swivel, reshaping it into any of various chair configurations.  Audacity and elegance are not at odds here, its silhouette fusing bold volumes and clean lines.

“Let it be an object or a brand, the creative process, in its essence, remains the same. It’s a movement where beauty and intelligence shall coexist with grace to generate benefit to its beholder.” 


Stéphane Leathead

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